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Manage Your Artificial Display/Fake Foods Efficiently. Spend Less on Recycling & Resources. Give Better Impressions to Potential Customers and Increase Conversions. Now in India !

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An Important Marketing Tool To Boost Sales

These Lifelike Artificial/Fake Foods Can Visually Attract Customers & Encourage Them To Order Ahead Because Of The Look & Feel Of Our Products. Deploying SRJ’s Artificial Line Of Foods Can Help To Increase Your Sales By 300% on Average.

99.9% Similarity

Hard to Differentiate Between The Actual Product & its Artificial Counterpart.

No Wastage

By displaying SRJ’s artificial display foods, you are reducing your food wastage by 85% 

Unlimited Life Cycle

Our products can last forever in ideal conditions, with minimal wear and tear.

Custom Orders

Get custom ordered artificial display foods to look exactly like the dishes on your menu

Where Does Replica Foods Work Best ?

Replica/Fake foods works best in any scenario where a customer gets to choose their appetite by looking at sampled foods stacked in display windows. 


Restaurants & Cafes

and other catering establishments with a visual menu


Supermarkets & Shops

For decorative purposes or display materials of groceries


Demonstration Purposes

To replicate the final products of desserts, meat, fish etc.



Fake food items can be used as key chains or can be used as gifts for food enthusiasts

Something For Everybody

Enrich the vibrance of your resto cafes with SRJ’s plethora of products and services. Worry less and manage your display foods much more efficiently.

Fast Foods


South Indian

Meat Items

Bread Items



Fake Food Merchandise

Why Do You Need Replica/Fake Display Foods ?

Attract New Audience

Marketing Engineers have shown that 6 out of 10 people who come to the display window just for a look, end up placing an order.

Fake Foods are a one time expense with no monthly recurring costs, or maintenance expenses.

Replicas demonstrate the true scale, structure, and expense of the dishes. Clients can easily estimate order volume and its price. So they can order without doubt.

Replicas are a great tool that helps to reach brand goals. No other expenditure or advertising is arguably needed.

Unlike chemically induced actual food, replica foods does not require daily maintenance cycle, giving more time to focus on improvising your business.

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